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Richard Kyambadde - HOSFA Partnership


Amazingly today I recieved a phone call from Rotarian Jeff (a member of the rotary club of mityana and a retired fire fighter from the UK) he informed me that I should spare time for a meeting with him and one other official about water!, I gave them an appoitment at 5:00pm

At 5:00pm Jeff drove me to our meeting place and I had a good time with him and Noah from Hope Sharing Family (HOSFA), Find more about HOSFA there.

Finished Mbale Training


We just finished a training in Mbale Uganda. Around 33 men and women and one boy. \he has decided to travel with us to help (but we said no) It was not easy to get Warren's molds across the boarder...but it is done. Richard is taking 2 to his area and has already been stopped by the police. Somehow he talked his way free.

Please continue to pray for Kenya. When we get to Kambala I will try to post pictures

Pray for Kenyan Elections

Suzanne Livingston shares this from John Muhanji, Mission Director at Friends United Mission (FUM):

I appeal to Friends who love Kenya to stand with us at this time we are preparing for presidential election on March 4th 2013. Political temperatures are not very good. There is a lot of tension and bad feeling among the two strong top candidates. Pray for a peaceful, fair and acceptable election. May the spirit of Ethnicity and confusion cease to take place for Kenya to remain one.

Del Livingston

Water is for more than drinking

Lady came to me last week, and said, Mr Del, remember the fellow you talked with yesterday? Yes. His eyes were all crusted over and could not see. Several of us women washed his face each day with the water from the biosand filter. The crust went away, he can see again. When I talked with the fellow, he did not mention what he had gone through, only that he like the water. One little filter changed a life. The cost was so small in dollars. But his story hit home of what we are doing out here, it's not always a drink of water, but the healing power of clean water.


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